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The Choies dresses you need today!!

For most people Summer is the time for weddings ,christenings and partys, however I am finding myself with  multiple invitations to occasions which has put in abit of a panic. I have many Summer dresses , but winter dressing is different. I find it quite hard to find the style of dresses I like that are also Winter appropriate.Also , since I will be seeing many of the same people at all these events I cannot wear the same outfit which can prove pretty costly!
Thank goodness for Choies then, that's what I say !There are many online stores that on the face of it offer a great variety of product , however when the product arrives you end up invariably disapointed.Not so with this retailer! admittedly they are a bit more expensive than others , but still very good value and the quality is great, the sizing is accurate and they are true to their image online. So after looking through the available choice I have narrowed it down to a few that I think will serve me well!

White Spalsh Print Shirt Dress here/ Black Floral Maxi chiffon dress here

Gray Contrast Lace Panel Dress here/ Green Velvet Cami dress here

Red Asymmetric Neck Jumpsuit here/ Gray tied waist Lace skirt here

I also have some special discount codes you can use, cos we all love a bargain

Use code : Deal10 and get 10% off orders over $69 . They ship world wide and you get Free Shipping.

Happy Shopping xxx

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