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Beauty Essentials

As much as I love fashion , the same cannot be said about beauty products unfortunately.In fact I am terrified of them, although I am starting to think that my fear stems more from the process of purchasing them. Even choosing shampoo sends me into a panic...I mean is my hair dry, dyed, frizzy, frazzled, normal..all the above? I hate walking into beauty departments to buy cosmetics, I always get pressured into buying the wrong thing or more than I need because I become baffled by the choice and the usually pushy sales assistant. So even though I want high end product I usually buy drugstore brands to save myself the misery of the above. However this has all changed recently since I discovered the online retailer Look Fantastic. The choice they offer is amazing, the prices are great, free postage and no overdone makeup lady breathing down my neck!

They cover all your needs  hair, make up, skincare, elctricals, body, nails, and have regular discounts and offers.These are some of the items I ordered and I will never look back!!

BareMinerals Ready To Go Complexion Perfection Palette R230

I worked out that I saved myself about 40 euros in total with free delivery as well .
Use code LF15 to get 15% discount!!

Does anyone else have the same fear???I hope Look Fantastic  helps you too!!

Let me know what you bought!!