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Pom Poms aren't just for Cheerleaders!!

Sometimes I love  a trend and I am not entirely sure why. I definitely am not one for embelishment and clearly prefer simple lines and colours, but everynow a feaky me comes out ! This season I am being tempted by velvet and  faux fur and worst of all Pom Poms!!
I love them , my husband thinks I am mad and my dog keeps biting at my shoes but I absolutely love them ( despite the slighly dodgy looks I get in the Super Market). I am sticking by them and by the looks of things I am in good company. It started of in Summer with the little pom poms ( or is it pom pons??)on sandals and has evolved into big fluffy colourful ones that pop up anywhere!!

They are everywhere and will bring fun and colour to the drab winter months!

1.Zara leather sneakers here/ 2.Tommy Hilfiger Beanie at Asos here/3. Yosuzi felt hat Net- a-Porter here/4. Zara keyring here/10.Zara Pom Pon sandals here/4. Zara keyring here/ 5.Sophie Hulme at mytheresa Sheepskin keyring here/6. Glamorous Envelope Bag at Asos here/ 7. Sam Edelman Sneakers here/ 8.Sophie Hulme Pouch Net-a-Porter here  9.Zara Pom Pon top here/10.Zara Pom Pon sandals here/

Happy Shopping


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