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New Season you need NOW!!

We are in the middle of Summer and personally I am the size of a house , but I can't help but get excited about the season merchandise  hitting the stores at the moment, not least because the prospect of wearing something not resembling a tent in the near future fills me with joy. 

One of the stores that is killing it is good old h&m as they have launched  a great collaboration  with  GP & J Baker and consists of some of the most beautiful floral prints that can be worn now but are also great for fall.  

 Also it is worth noting that they are all very affordable unlike some designer collaborations and they are items that will last for many seasons to come

Patterned Jumpsuit here

Patterned Chiffon dress here

Patterned Blouse here

Jumpsuit here

Wide trousers here

In addition there are some beautiful coats and trenches which are definitely worth grabbing now as they are certain to sell out pretty soon!

Trenchcoat vintage pink here

Soft Trenchcoat here

Wool Blend Coat here

Summer can stay for a little longer but new season shopping has well and trully commenced!