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A Greek Baptism

 Hello, we have been away for a week so that is why there haven't been any new posts for a few days. Bizzarely enough , we spent the days in a place with no internet connection and I cannot describe how good it felt to be able to disconnect for a while. It makes you aware of how much of your time is consumed staring at screens of one form or another. Anyway on Monday we went to a beautiful baptism for a gorgeous little boy and it was a chance to sort of get dressed up. It was a day time ceremony with a meal following the church, and it was also a very warm day. I find it hard to decide what to wear in these circumstances because comfort is also important. A few weeks ago I wore a fitted dress to another such event and literally was about to faint so I was weary of repeating the mistake. Hence , I opted for a maxi floaty skirt and a cropped linen mix top with flat sandals. I have top say I do not usually wear long skirts and dresses but I loved this skirt especially the fact that it had pockets and the length wasm just long enough so I didn't have to worry about stepping on it.

Skirt and to Zara, Bag Marc Jacobs, Shoes Famous Shoes.
Andreas wears shorts from Zara, T-shirt Marks and Spencers. shoes Camper.

It was a lovely day with friends and family and made me think about how quickly my little man has grown!