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The best of Stradivarius...making fashion music!

I have to be honest, I really didn't rate this retailer highly as I considered them  the poor relative to Zara, and their clothing not really apropriate unless you were a teenager.However, I have come to radically change my mind as Stradivarius has come into it's own and has consistently brought out wonderful must have items that have graced many a top blogger in the past few seasons. And this season is no different, Stradivarius has a collection that is both affordable and covetable and their skinny jeans are by far my favourite jeans and they never go baggy...and don't get me started on the shoes!

 Here are some of my top picks this fall.Just remember sizing is quite small so I ususally go up a size if the fabric isn't stretchy.

Stradivarius Swiss Dot Shirt here/ Stradivarius Lace dress here/Stardivarius  Red Boucle jacket (amazing price!) here/ StradivariusRed Velvet cut-out dress here/Stradivarius Faux Fur Moccasins here/Stradivarius Combined Leather Ballerinas zebra print here/

There are lots more to fall in love with at Stradivarius, so happy shopping!