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The Asos Maternity Spring Edit

Pregnancy certainly presents many challenges as besides having all the changes to deal with you also have to pretty much rethink your whole wardrobe. The bump is gorgeous, no doubt about it, but dressing it is another story. With my first pregnancy I only had a small bump up to the end and being my most heavily pregnant during high Summer meant that I got away with floaty dresses and a bikini for the most part. However this time round I do need some more put together outfits to go about my daily routine and it is not warm enough yet to be playing the boho card. Luckily frumpy maternity wear is a thing of the past and being pregnant is something to flaunt not hide. Asos has some amazing items that are good enough to wear any time not just during pregnancy , but the special cut of the clothing mean that they will be more comfortable and fitted than just wearing bigger sizes of normal clothing, although I am a fan of that as well. The site advises choosing your regular size as the bump has been accounted for. Below are some of my favourites , but there are lots more to browse!

Asos Maternity Sun Dress here

Asos Sleeveless Ribbed dress here

Asos Cotton Smock Top here

Bandia Maternity Dungarees here

Asos Maternity Chino Trousers here

Asos Maternity Midi Dress here

Asos Maternity Mom shorts here

Glamorous Bloom Top here

Mamalicious Frilled Shirt Dress here

The Floral Linen Dress

So we all that feeling of being stuck in a bit of a style rut this time of year , the shops are all full of gorgeous Summer clothing but the weather has different ideas . Add to that the fact that bearing too much after spending months covering everything up feels a bit exposing. So what is the a girl to do?I have found that a pretty spaghetti strap dress with a spring pattern satisfies my craving for something new and cheerful , but the fact that this is a great layering piece is what seals the deal . You can layer it over tops when the weather is a bit chillier and come Summer show your lovely tanned shoulders in the feminine strappy design. The one I am wearing in this pictures is from online retailer Zaful and is in a beautiful linen fabric that feels very comfortable and the beautiful floral design makes it perfect for Spring. I can't wait to style it in different ways and I think it will look so lovely with a pair of espadrilles or some dainty sandals.Add to that that it is a great bargain at $25 dollars and honestly it looks so much more expensive, I just hope they bring it out in more prints and colourways!

 Zaful Linen Dress here
 Zaful Sunglasses here
Top Zara 
Jacket Zara similar here and here
Trainers Adidas Stan Smith here and here and here

The Suede Biker

The weather might not quite have caught up with Spring , at least not where I am but that doesn't mean that winter clothes feel kind of heavy and inappropriate. With that in mind as well as the fact that the temperatures are still quite chilly I wanted to find a piece of outerwear that is both functional and that I can layer for now in addition to giving my outfits a more spring like feel. Light colours are a must now as far as I am concerned and they are also more practical when the sun actually does decide to show up .I think the fact that I am pregnant adds to that and the funny thing is that I am finding myself drawn to pinks and pastel colours , even florals which is not at all like me ( I am putting it down to me carrying a girl!).
Anyway , the suede biker seemed to tick all the boxes for me and I found the perfect light grey/stone cropped version in Zara. I actual fact it isn't real suede , it's suedette , which for me is much more practical as I don't have to worry about it getting rained on or dirty as I can just put it in the washing machine. also the price is obviously a lot lower that what the real deal would be, but you get the same effect for less hassle!
I can imagine wearing this with so many outfits and it will look great over summer dresses further into the season. i think it is a very useful staple and well worth investing it. Lets not forget that the cropped style also makes legs longer and the snug fit is super flattering for all body shapes. The one I have also comes in other colours ( I am quite tempted to get the pink version ) so if you were not comfortable with such a light colour it is available in a gorgeous navy blue.

Also, I know I am a bit late buying into the baker boy cap trend but I am absolutely obsessed , they transform any outfit , genius!

Biker Jacket Zara here
Top Zara old
Trousers Zara here
Cap H&M  here
Trainers here

I have also linked some of my other favourites on the high street right now

And to complete the outfit :

My style overhaul...baby no2!

There has been a huge change in our lives, one I had kind of given up on top be honest. But I am in fact expecting our new member and I am currently 14 weeks pregnant. I don't think I will ever forget the moment we told our eight year old, he was so happy he welled up. I didn't know quite how much he wanted a sibling until that moment so I hope that all goes well and that at the end of Summer he will have a little brother or sister. I have to say, this time round I am quite nervous about things going well, was anyone else like that?

With my first pregnancy I just breezed through it and was very unaware of all the things that could go wrong.This time I have googled everything under the sun and acutely aware of everything. I am going to try to enjoy it more though. I have a tiny little bump some days (weirdly) , the rest of the days I just look like I have eaten too much which is quite annoying, but I am sure it will get more rounded soon.

All this has got me thinking about my wardrobe of course and how I can still look nice whilst feeling comfortable. I got through my first pregnancy without wearing any maternity clothing as I didn't put on much weight and my bump never got very big. I have found some cute maternity clothing online but for now I am trying to find items from my normal stores that I can adapt to my growing belly!

Bellow are some of the things i have had my eye on and think are great pregnancy options.

Zara here

Zara here

These two are already in my basket , I am just going to go up a size.

Here are some more bits that are on the wishlist!

Designer Dupe Handbags for under $15

There is nothing quite like a beautiful handbag to make a girl feel special and designer handbags have become a highly covetable status item that we all aspire to acquire. However, the reality is the huge price tags these bags carry  make them pretty unobtainable for most of us. So a good dupe , not a replica can have a similar effect on our outfit without having to take out a second mortgage !
Gamiss have an amazing selection of beautiful handbags that are inspired by current designer best sellers and ridiculously low prices. I though it was too good to be true give the price , and assumed the quality would be very poor , however I was very pleasantly surprised. Don't get me wrong , they by no means reach the high standards and workmanship of designer bags, but I would say the quality is very much on par with your average high street handbag. I decided to go for some cross body chain bags , as I felt I was missing these in my wardrobe and chose some very recognisable signature looks which I am sure you will also recognise immediately.The whole procedure was very straight forward and everything arrived as described and in perfect condition.

Red Cross Body Bag here

Grey Cross Body Chain Bag here

Twist Lock Cross Body Bag here

I have since ordered a genuine leather satchel which is absolutely stunning and I honestly have got so many compliments on all these bags.

Gorgeous leather backpack for under $50

Finding a good backpack that looks nice and grown up but is also functional is not easy.Certainly the leather versions venture into high price ranges, but not all of them. I have come across a gorgeous leather bag from on line retailer Gamiss in beautiful brown that is perfect for the new season. It is a really good size, it fits all that I need in it but is not too big and bulky. I also love the clan lines and sleek design of it. Furthermore, lets not forget the issue of security, because having all your belongings on your back makes theft pretty easy especially in busy city environments. This one zips on the to and also has a flap over it so someone would have a pretty hard time getting into it without you realising it. Last but certainly not least it cost less than $50 !
Personally I also like to carry my backpacks like a tote, which I know kind of defeats the object but we all have our quirks. Anyway I think it looks pretty goo like that as well. So well done Gamiss for coming up with such a great sophisticated bag we can all afford!

Lether Back pack here

The perfect Valentines outfit !

So Valentine's day is just around the corner and the weather in many places is still freezing but we still want to look pretty and feminine on the day . There are so many floral whimsical dresses flooding the stores at the moment and although they are tempting it is difficult to incorporate them into the current wardrobes. There are ways however to wear most of these items now by making a few clever accessory choices. I wanted a light coloured outfit that was still warm and covered up enough to keep the goose pimples away. I am a fan of shorter lengths so I chose a dress from Zaful  with lots of fabric and long sleeves albeit in a very light coloured beautiful pattern. And now it was time to build on it. I added a my over the knee boots to make sure there wasn't too much flesh on show , just a cheeky flash of thigh. Then instead of a coat which would have seemed to heavy for the dress I opted for a gorgeous white chunky long length cardigan and a pretty cream bag with gold hardware.

Dress here
Boots here
Cardigan here

Zaful Knitwear Review.

I have long been a convert to Zaful for their beautiful dresses, however I was intrigued to see what the knitwear was like. I checked out the site and there was a huge choice of very stylish classic knitwear as well as lots of on trend sweaters. I decided to go for more neutral, thick winter options and ordered a couple . The sizing was one size so that was pretty easy . When they arrived I have to say I was not disappointed. Obviously due to the very low price points they were made out of man made fibres , however they looked and felt very good quality. There was plenty of nice thick fabric to give them the over sized look and they had beautiful thick roll necks which was definitely the selling point for me. The one thing I would point out is that the sleeves are not very long. They are OK on me but if you are tall I would advise going for a sweater with sizing options and sizing up.
I teamed my knitwear with my favourite basics and I was very cosy and warm so I am sure I will be getting plenty of wear out of them before the weather warms up.

Dark grey roll neck here
Cable Knit sweater here

The perfect dresses for the new season

The new season is upon us, in the fashion diary anyway and all the heavy knits and bulky coats now seem boring and cumbersome. I find that February is when I start planning my Spring wardrobe and pick pieces that I can incorporate into my current looks. ZAFUL has some great dresses and more that are bound to tempt you into making some new purchases and lets face it there is nothing like a bit of shopping therapy to dispel the bout of the winter blues. There is nothing like a pretty dress like the ones here to make you hopeful and start thinking about spring outings and summer getaways. Even if that all seems a little far at the moment, don't forget that Valentines day is just around the corner . Whether you are single or not , celebrate the special day with a beautiful outfit that will turn heads and will make you feel extra special. I always like my Spring Summer outfits to be extra girly and flirty and who wants tight layers on warm days anyway. a floaty , ethereal look is perfect for the balmy days ahead and if you are lacking in inspiration check out the Zaful blog for lots of up to the minute fashionable outfit ideas that are also super affordable .

If you are think that the weather doesn't warrant a summery purchase yet , think about layering and how you can put a roll neck under a strappy dress or a shirt under a pinafore. Personally I think that chunky cardigans complement looser floral dresses perfectly, teamed with some over the knee boots or a more military style booty to make it more season appropriate. Then  again if you are lucky enough to live in a country with all  year round hot weather click here for lots of feminine designs.

For the rest of us , here are some of my wish list dresses to wear now and later!

 Embroidered Long Sleeve dress here
 Ruffles Polka Dots dresses here
 Floral Dress here
 Tartan Dress here
Floral Slit Cami Dress here

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