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Designer Dupe Handbags for under $15

There is nothing quite like a beautiful handbag to make a girl feel special and designer handbags have become a highly covetable status item that we all aspire to acquire. However, the reality is the huge price tags these bags carry  make them pretty unobtainable for most of us. So a good dupe , not a replica can have a similar effect on our outfit without having to take out a second mortgage !
Gamiss have an amazing selection of beautiful handbags that are inspired by current designer best sellers and ridiculously low prices. I though it was too good to be true give the price , and assumed the quality would be very poor , however I was very pleasantly surprised. Don't get me wrong , they by no means reach the high standards and workmanship of designer bags, but I would say the quality is very much on par with your average high street handbag. I decided to go for some cross body chain bags , as I felt I was missing these in my wardrobe and chose some very recognisable signature looks which I am sure you will also recognise immediately.The whole procedure was very straight forward and everything arrived as described and in perfect condition.

Red Cross Body Bag here

Grey Cross Body Chain Bag here

Twist Lock Cross Body Bag here

I have since ordered a genuine leather satchel which is absolutely stunning and I honestly have got so many compliments on all these bags.