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Shopping Saturday, time to get fit!

As the title would imply I have my eye set on some more sporty items in particular a great pair of trainers or sneakers as some call them. Please, do not misunderstand me, these loveliew are not for the gym , and by getting fit I mean looking fit! I am really fed up with the white sneaker trend and lets face it , it is virtually impossible to keep them remotely white after about two weeks and especially in the winter so I want adifferent colour , not black  either. So found my ideal pair, these amazing Nike Air Max shoes in gorgeous deep red.Imagine the possibilities!I have imagined them and so I bought a jacket  to go with them...we will get to that!

 Nike Air Max 1 Premium here

Aren't they perfect! You can also customize them if you want to make them more personal , but for me they are just right.

So I told you I got a jacket  to go with them...

This is ANOTHER bomber, but it's velvet and I don't have a velvet one so it's ok!It's from Zara here.

Hope I have given you some ideas!
Happy shopping!