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My favourite new pieces from the ultimate high street hero!

I have to admit I have a addiction and unfortunately it is not one I am willing to give up any time soon.There used to be a  makeover a show when an unstylish woman's partner would be given a substantial amount of money to buy her a whole new wardrobe after they have shredded the poor girls old one ( which normally consisted of sweatshirts and sweatpants and generally the most most unattractive items you could ever find) . Then they would make a dog's dinner of it and the presenter would take them shopping and get them some great stuff...well I asked my man how he thought he would fare with such a challenge and his reply was shocking..."easy , I would spend it all in ZARA"!I was about to protest until I realised all the items I was wearing at the time bar the shoes were actually from Zara...soooo...guilty as charged!
But to be fair how can you not love it!!Affordable fashion that looks cutting edge and every time you go online there is so much new stuff...I also love the children's clothes, especially for little boys, the stuff is so cool and the quality is great for the price!

So any other Zara addicts out there??

I have just been looking through the site ...again..and they have some great new items in.Here are some of my favourites.

 Leather ankle boots here
Animal print coat here

Silk oversized shirt here

Poplin shirt here

Strappy lace top here

Midi tunic here

You can't really blame me can you?


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