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The perfect off the shoulder tops

Unless you have been living on another planet , you know that off the shoulder tops are one of the biggest trends at the moment. I like this season take on the more boho version with pretty embroidery and ruffles and the great news is that they are pretty much universally flattering and they are also very feminine in a suggestive but girly way. For those of you , who like me thought that they are only suited to more petite on the top girls let me share my trick. I am a 30D so I have a very small back but my bust is quite full so instead of a strapless bra under the off the shoulder top , which makes the top stick out rather unflatteringly in my opinion , I wear a bandeaux or a bandeaux bikini top that keeps everything in place but makes the overall effect a bit flatter, after all the shoulder is the focus not the boob!

I think this top is so cute and would look great on darker complexions , also it is a nice change from white and the pattern is still super feminine.

And now for my favourite....

Isn't it just beautiful?!!Blue is my favourite colour and the dainty embroidery make it perfect for those summery evenings or afternoon holiday strolls!

Off course the trend does not only incorporates tops and a version I will be trying but not showing until I have a tan, is the off the shoulder bikini.


When you are finished on the beach , pull on some shorts and you have a perfect little off the shoulder crop top!

Have a great day and happy shopping !