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Picks of the day! The Must Have Off the Shoulder Bathing Suit!

Hello, I have to say it is so hot today that I wish I had already sorted out my summer wardrobe as I am kinda wearing a mix at the moment! Swimwear is off course always high on the list and although I used to hate one piece suits I actually really love them now. Off course the fact that they are no longer boooring helps! One of my favourites at the moment is the off the shoulder bathing suit which is great for showing off how on the ball your fashion game is .

                                             Zaful off the shoulder bathing suit here

I am also after a beautiful dress with a bit of a twist  like this lovely blue floral dress.

                                            Zaful floral dress  here

These lovelies are amazing prices , too good to resist!So lets get those Summer looks sorted

Happy Shopping!

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