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How to cover up at the beach in style , the floral dress

Every year , as I pull on my old shorts and vest that don't match , over my swimsuit I look at the THOSE women with envy. You know the ones, they have lovely dresses or lace cover ups, and matching straw hat and bags. And then they go and sit at the bar looking super glam with their fresh glow and perfect outfit.And every year I vow to make more of an effort. After all , I spend most of my time at the beach , or at the bar... during Summer , so why is it that I put so little effort into my beach attire. So this year , I have started to gather so nice cover ups that will get me to my goal I will be reviewing some pretty and inexpensive outfits that will take you from the beach to the pool bar or out to dinner.

First up I have this lovely fun floral dress from Zaful. The truth is I thought of it more as a day dress when I ordered but as the sides are quite low cut , I'm thinking it will be more of a beach dress, but for those of  you not scared of a little side boob , this is a cute dress to wear any time of the day. But as I said for me it will be a beach type dress. The print is lovely and the cut out at the back is very flattering. I ordered a size medium  which is ok , but I probably could have done with a small, but I do like breezy styles so it's ok.
The price is great as well $22 , so just thow on some nice sandals and you are all set!

 Zaful floral dress

So what do you think?
Is it worthy?


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