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Somewhere over the Rainbow!

It appears that colour is in and we will be sporting lots of sugary hues , pink and yellow being the main ones. The way to make the looks modern is to wear different shades of the same colour and I especially like the idea of textures, think leather an chiffon. For a different take on the trend try orange which looks great combined with blue or  ( shock of horrors!) red!

Basically , pretty much anything goes as far a being creative with combinations goes.

My favourite is the orange with blue and red. I think it is very fresh and striking and will look great with a tan!Plus orange is a colour that suits pretty much everyone.

Of course the streetstylers have already cottoned on to the trend and are providing some much needed inspiration , as I think that it is quite a tricky look to pull off.

Investing in a bright coat is a good way to adapt this Summer trend to the cold months that still lie ahead.

There are lots of options for you to choose from and it will certainly make you stick out from the crowd...

Reiss Dion Flame suede shoes here/ Top Shop Origami wrap blouse here and ring wrap dress here/ Zara flounce sweater here and playsuit  here/ and coat here

No shrinking violets this season !