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2017 resolution...be good to yourself!

Happy New Year to all, I wish you all happiness and health and besides being kind to others , lets be kind to ourselves. As women we tend to be very demanding and hard on ourselves. We are our own worst critics. So this year I want to be good to me, I want to look after myself not to please others , but to make me feel good.
So make January the 1st a treat day for yourself , and start the year as you mean to go on!

Invest in some gorgeous underwear , not to please a man ( although that will inevitably happen) but because your body is worth the luxury and it will make you feel sexy knowing the saucy secret under your clothes!

                                                                                                                Missguided White Scallop Lace Bra here and thong here

Have a wonderful start to the year, and may it bring some much desired peace to us all!


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