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A Cardigan Coat with a Difference

Personally , I am a big fan of cardigan coats. I find them more practical than coats and more convenient when you are in and out of place and the temperature is fluctuating. I also think that there is something chic about them as they are more fluid than a heavy winter coat. Obviously for colder climates you can layer a coat over your cardigan coat and the layers will add even more interest to the outfit. 

I do have quite a few in my wardrobe , however , I was looking for one that had a bit more detail , that was a bit more fancy. I was therefore very pleased to come across this gorgeous ZAFUL grey cardigan coat with faux fur pockets. I am mad about faux fur at the moment and this element is so subtle that is appropriate for any time of the day and occasion. Furthermore the fur can be detached from the pocket for a more conservative (albeit , less fun!) look.

Zaful Faux Fur Pockets Open Front Cardigan - Gray here

Zaful Felt Hat  here

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