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The Perfect Lace Cover Up

I have been looking for a lace cover up for ages and finally I found the perfect one !It is made out of thick lace like material with a pattern and has beautiful white trimmed ages. I am literally swooning. I ordered it online and although it looked nice in the pics it was stunning when it actually arrived. I wanted it for covering up swimwear but it is too nice just for that so I will be wearing it with my denim cut offs and lace shorts for nice Summer evenings and events. To top it off it is on sale for under  $17!

It is one size but it is not very generous , I would say it would be ok up to a size Medium.

                                                            Zaful lace cover up    here
Bikini H&M new season 

Bikini shots are definitely out of my comfort zone but this cover up made me feel more confident, besides a wise person said "do one thing that scares you every day"!

There are aslo some similar styles here

                                                   Zaful    lace cover up    here

Zaful  lace cover up  here

High Street Premium