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The one thing your wardrobe is desperate for!

In these days of fast fashion and disposable clothing, it is quite relieving to know that some items have real staying power. They are the pieces that you will bring out of storage every year, after having carefully packed it away the previous season. They are the items you go to when you are not sure what to wear, they are the ones that will make you overlook new trendy pieces once the novelty has worn off. They are also the items that you have been willing to spend a bit more on and the pieces that have accompanied you on many an important occasion.

 One such is item is the camel coat, and if you do not already have one , I would definitely put it on my Christmas list for Santa if I were you. You will never look back.The camel coat has super powers, it can look cool and hip, or smart and professional, sophisticated and expensive depending on how you decide to spin the look. There are many shapes to choose from but simple good cuts and the best quality you can afford will make this guy your best friend.You will always look put together no matter what else you are wearing , albeit in a kind of nonchalance french girl way.

Bloggers and celebs love this look and there some great option in the stores so I hope I have inspired you to get yourself a life changing wardrobe transforming camel coat!

From left to right:

French Connection Felt Wool coat here/ Whistles Slim Belted coat here/ Modern Rarity Cashmere coat here/ Reiss Cody Camel Longline coat here/ Topshop Double breasted coat here/ Zaful belted coat here/

what do you think? do you love these coats as much as I do?

Happy shopping