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Essential products for great hair in winter

Like your skin , your hair also suffers in winter. If you are like me and have very thick wavy hair , that is also highlighted it is imperative to look after your tresses during the cold months. Wind and humidity are not our friends and , yes, you can wear a hat but you really should show off your hair. For me hair is one of the most important characteristics of a person and grooming in this department is just as important as make-up and clothes. So, I am no a beauty blogger nor am I going to talk about styling.I would just like to share how I keep my hair moisturised and in good condition and would also welcome any input from my lovely readers.
Before I start , I should say that one of my favourite remedies is olive oil. I tend to get dry skin on my scalp which is very irritating and painful some times and i have found that massaging olive oil into the skin not only solves the problem but also gives me glossy  hair! Bonus!
I am not a high maintenance girl in the sense that I do not like a lot of products So these are the five that I swear by!

TIGI Bed Head Recovery Twin Duo here
These are great value and my hair feels lovely after using them. A little goes a long way!

Kerastase Nutritive Masque Magistral here ( 30% discount on product)
In other words, miracle worker... a good hair mask makes all the difference and I love this one!

Morrocanil Treatment here
Once a week I like to massage some this into wet hair, it smells gorgeous and does the job!

KeraCare Detangling Conditioner here
My hair gets into knots all the time so I use this on both dry and wet hair when needed , but especially after washing it!

What do you use?

You can get 15% discount off the products using code LF15 and free worldwide shipping!
Have a great hair day!

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