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Pick of the day!

Hello, I have to say I am in a bit of a rut! You know the one where you hate absolutely everything in your wardrobe...well I am there!It is so frustrating and also I feel a bit guilty for buying stuff then hating it, although I do tend to leave things for as while and rediscover them a year later. So I have been thinking about what I need to rejuvenate my little collection and I think I have found the answer. I need COLOUR!!I normally steer clear of bright shades but something in me is carving a bit of luxurious colour!Who better to turn to than online hero Asos!Also I noticed that although my things are by all standards nice It's been a while since I bought something just for the hell of it! Do you know what I mean...seeing something that is not very practical, not your usual style but you absolutely have to have it!well I found it at Asos.


ASOS White Mini Dress With Maxi Cape here

What do you think?? Will it do the job!
I think so !!

Have a great week!
Happy Shopping

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