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Worth the splurge...?

In answer to the question above , deciding if something is worth splurging on these days is a difficult decision to make. Afew years back it basically came down to "do I love it?".Invariably the answer was yes , without much thought going into it which resulted in loads of clothes that were barely worn which cost a fortune.Fashion and trends change so quiclky and new stuff is coming out all the times, so it hard to make a commitment. These days I am definitely a commitment phobe when it comes to splurging on that one item. I now live in a recession riddled country and have two other people to think about, who will not live of baked beans for a week because I want the new All Saints jacket ( I did , for two weeks in fact, and a few years later gave the jacket to my sister because I had only worn it once).What's more I fall in and out of love with things all the time , so deciding what is true love takes a lot of thought. I do have items in my wardrobe however that I have worn for ten years even , and have marked special occassions for me many times over. They come from high end stores of the high street such a s Whistles and Reiss and I imagine that our love is built to last!!
Here are some rules that I apply when thinking about what to splurge on.
1. A good handbag is always a worthwhile investment.Good leather will last a long time and will only get better with time.Don't buy the It bag of the seson as it will be out quick and will look dated and go for something practical you can use daily to get your moneys worth.
2. A good coat or blazer or leather jacket are also worth parting with your hard earned cash.Go for classic clean lines that will always look modern and save the colours for your cheaper seasonal buys , you will tire of them quickly.
3. Speaking of colour I am not much of a fan. Bright colours can be great , but not for a big buy. Everyone will remember your brightness and you won't be able to repeat wear much. Also I think quality must be good when wearing colour as they tend to look cheaper than darker and neutral palettes.
4. I know I should say shoes are a good buy, but I am not entirely in agreement. Boots and trainers yes, party shoes no! They will get destroyed quickly and you will get bored of them quickly. So buy cheaper , fun party shoes and invest in quality boots and trainers you will wear all the time.
5. I never spend much on dresses and evening wear for the simple reason I need lots of dresses and clutches and heels because , inevitably you hang around the same people and places and no matter how great that frock looked , it's appeal will pale the second time round.That said, some items are worth the splurge, the LBD, or its white sister will be versatile enough and a good blazer will never date.
6.Steer  away from prints unless they are timeless and another exception is stripes....can't go wrong with stripes!

So these are my rules, which I use, and by no means do I suppose they are right, but my lovelies it is your money so spend it how you like, because at the end of the day maybe just loving something is enough of an excuse to buy it!

Below are some items that I think are worth the splurge, hopefully you will love them too!!

1.Reiss blazer here,2. Whistles cardigan here,3.Sandro sneakers here. 4. Ted Baker coat here. 5. Isabel Marant leather look skirt here,6.Russel and Bromley over the knee boots here,7.Karen Millen shirt dress here, 8. Mulberry bag here, 9.Saint Laurent sunglasses here, 10.Paul Smith sweater here, 11.Ganni Black dress here.