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Stormy Seas

I love the sea in all it's forms, but for some reason I am specially fond of stormy choppy waters. I feel like a stormy sea is more romantic and atmospheric and I like swimming in the waves and so does my little bestie.The pictures are taken at Long Beach Resort where we spend most of our Summer days. My little one plays with lots of kids from all over the world and although his English isn't that good he manages to communicate in all languages!

I don't know about you but shopping for a bikini is my absolute worst, but somehow H&M always has something that I am happy with . The bikini I am wearing is super comfy and the top is very secure unlike other strapless styles.Lets not mention the great pricepoint!! Currently on sale and available in other colours buy here H&M

Here are some other styles I like :

I hope you always have a sea shell in your pocket and sand in your toes

High Street Premium