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The British hero brands

The high street is a wonderful thing that offers us the opportunity to recreate high fashion looks at very affordable prices.In fact these days , the cost of renewing your wardrobe is so low that clothing has become pretty much disposable. Although this was exciting at first and I love a bargain as much as the next the girl, I cannot help but feel that it all detracts from the value of clothing as far at what it means to the owner.We buy so much without much consideration and  discard it with same frivolity. For myself , I also like to indulge in this fast fashion, but the things I love are items I have had for ages, cost me more which meant that I had to really love them in order to part with the money. Clearly and sadly we can't all afford designer but there are some brands on the high street which bridge the gap between quick disposable fashion and out-of-reach designer, and having worked with designer clothing I can assure you that in terms of quality they are not lackingin comparison. I am sure there are more but I have singled out two British  high street HEROS...who always save the day!

The Heros

After working in the UK retail industry for many years I have come to realise that besides the quirky unconventional dishevelled British girl that usually comes to mind when thinking about the UK fashion scene, there is another girl.No , not the English rose, although she is always there, the classic with a twist.She likes qulaity and fashion as well, but not in an obvious way.She buys things that add to her wardrobe which she sees as an investment and she wears trends in a way that is subtle but very much on point. Say hello to the Whistles girl and the Reiss girl. They both offer items that look like they cost a lot more than they do and you can be sure to be one of the best dressed.They are favorites of fashionistas everywhere, and I cherish the things I have from them as they never date. These guys have personality and that is not something you throw out easily!

1.Apple and Pear shirt dress here /2.Wrap tie shirt dress here/3.Annie Sparkle Knit here/4.Hemmingway Sheepskin jacket here/5.Marrrion tweed checked dress here/ 6/Diamond Print Silk Culotte here/7.Bixa patent ankle boot here/8.Penny coat here.

1.Meyer Faux fur gillet here/ 2.Elliott mini bag here/3.Gabrielle jumpsuit here/4. Dree shearling and leather jacket here/5.Bevan Olive Box Pleat skirt here/6. Vine leather trousers here/7. Charity silk blouse here/8. Elliott mini bag here.

I hope you liked the post and found some inspiration.

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