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I Like Looking Like a Mum

I think that for most of us mummies, getting back into your grove after having a baby is no easy feat. You feel fat , tired and have a little human that demands your constant care and attention. On top of that you are constantly  feeling anxious or guilty or both about something. You have to be a good mother, wife, daughter, sister , friend. Your house should be tidy and clean, you can't let the ball drop at work, you have to eat healthy, look put together, get your hair and nails done, play with your baby, enjoy your baby, play with your husband and your dog  and generally have it all together. Let's not even get started on the celebs that loose all the baby weight straight away and look great on date night with their husband only two weeks after giving birth, and they are so lucky because now they have bigger boobs as well....cummon!!!
I didn't put much weight on during my pregnancy , but I still had cellulite, wide hips and a wobbly belly that made me feel unlike the old me.I felt frumpy and for some reason decided to chop my long hair into a bob, not a trendy bob...a mum bob. Nothing fitted and I didn't want to buy new stuff as I was going to get back in shape...and I did a year later. A baby that never slept and  a full time job made getting dressed a chore rather than  something I took pleasure in,  like before. But even after getting back into shape it was  hard for me  to find a new dress code . I wanted to look like the old me , but the old me was a fashion junkie who spent all my money on clothes, who always wore make up and walked around in heels all day. I wore tiny sexy swimsuits and short skirts and big bouncy hair. I had lovely designer bags stuffed with mac makeup and went to the gym every night. Clearly I could not afford or had the enthusiasm to put the same kind of effort into my appearance. 

My little sister told me she used to admire me and why didn't I make more of an effort. To be fair I used to think that about other women. Priorities change, but what I have realised is that you still need to look after yourself, We change and adapt many times in life, I mean we don't still dress like we did in highschool, do we ? Somebody will always think you are too trendy, not trendy enough, too thin , too fat, pretentious, sloppy and yes Mumsy. I have now realised that I can feel good about myself without looking like my single care free self.I invest in good qulaity shoes and bags and nice basics, a few key items every season, good coats and knits, swimwear I can bend over in at the beach when I want to make a sandcastle and I still want to look sexy on a night out with my husband.It's about finding a balance because after all besides being a mum you are still yourself. It is the enthusiasm that goes for a bit, and that is what you need to get back. Get your hair done, buy yourself something for a change and slowly without realising it you will be reclaiming a little of the old you.
There are plenty of women who look great and have kids and if you are like me and love fashion, you now have a cute little person to style as well....bonus!!
So the next time someone tells me I look like a mum, I will take it as a compliment! I am a mum , just not a frumpy mum.

Here are some things I have my eye on at the moment that are sure to update any wardrobe 

I love a jumpsuit, it's cooler and more comfortable than a dress.
 From Whistles buy here

 I also like that it is navy instead of black , I find black to severe and the navy is far more modern

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This shirt dress is great over a bikini , I have just ordered mine and I plan to wear it for a summer christening and a beach picnic.

Another order today from
Zara buy here

Too cute , I am going to wear mine with denim cut offs and pristine white trainers.

from Massimo Dutti buy here

I would love to hear your thoughts....xxxx