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The Suede Biker

The weather might not quite have caught up with Spring , at least not where I am but that doesn't mean that winter clothes feel kind of heavy and inappropriate. With that in mind as well as the fact that the temperatures are still quite chilly I wanted to find a piece of outerwear that is both functional and that I can layer for now in addition to giving my outfits a more spring like feel. Light colours are a must now as far as I am concerned and they are also more practical when the sun actually does decide to show up .I think the fact that I am pregnant adds to that and the funny thing is that I am finding myself drawn to pinks and pastel colours , even florals which is not at all like me ( I am putting it down to me carrying a girl!).
Anyway , the suede biker seemed to tick all the boxes for me and I found the perfect light grey/stone cropped version in Zara. I actual fact it isn't real suede , it's suedette , which for me is much more practical as I don't have to worry about it getting rained on or dirty as I can just put it in the washing machine. also the price is obviously a lot lower that what the real deal would be, but you get the same effect for less hassle!
I can imagine wearing this with so many outfits and it will look great over summer dresses further into the season. i think it is a very useful staple and well worth investing it. Lets not forget that the cropped style also makes legs longer and the snug fit is super flattering for all body shapes. The one I have also comes in other colours ( I am quite tempted to get the pink version ) so if you were not comfortable with such a light colour it is available in a gorgeous navy blue.

Also, I know I am a bit late buying into the baker boy cap trend but I am absolutely obsessed , they transform any outfit , genius!

Biker Jacket Zara here
Top Zara old
Trousers Zara here
Cap H&M  here
Trainers here

I have also linked some of my other favourites on the high street right now

And to complete the outfit :

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