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My style overhaul...baby no2!

There has been a huge change in our lives, one I had kind of given up on top be honest. But I am in fact expecting our new member and I am currently 14 weeks pregnant. I don't think I will ever forget the moment we told our eight year old, he was so happy he welled up. I didn't know quite how much he wanted a sibling until that moment so I hope that all goes well and that at the end of Summer he will have a little brother or sister. I have to say, this time round I am quite nervous about things going well, was anyone else like that?

With my first pregnancy I just breezed through it and was very unaware of all the things that could go wrong.This time I have googled everything under the sun and acutely aware of everything. I am going to try to enjoy it more though. I have a tiny little bump some days (weirdly) , the rest of the days I just look like I have eaten too much which is quite annoying, but I am sure it will get more rounded soon.

All this has got me thinking about my wardrobe of course and how I can still look nice whilst feeling comfortable. I got through my first pregnancy without wearing any maternity clothing as I didn't put on much weight and my bump never got very big. I have found some cute maternity clothing online but for now I am trying to find items from my normal stores that I can adapt to my growing belly!

Bellow are some of the things i have had my eye on and think are great pregnancy options.

Zara here

Zara here

These two are already in my basket , I am just going to go up a size.

Here are some more bits that are on the wishlist!