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Gorgeous leather backpack for under $50

Finding a good backpack that looks nice and grown up but is also functional is not easy.Certainly the leather versions venture into high price ranges, but not all of them. I have come across a gorgeous leather bag from on line retailer Gamiss in beautiful brown that is perfect for the new season. It is a really good size, it fits all that I need in it but is not too big and bulky. I also love the clan lines and sleek design of it. Furthermore, lets not forget the issue of security, because having all your belongings on your back makes theft pretty easy especially in busy city environments. This one zips on the to and also has a flap over it so someone would have a pretty hard time getting into it without you realising it. Last but certainly not least it cost less than $50 !
Personally I also like to carry my backpacks like a tote, which I know kind of defeats the object but we all have our quirks. Anyway I think it looks pretty goo like that as well. So well done Gamiss for coming up with such a great sophisticated bag we can all afford!

Lether Back pack here

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