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A Dreamy Dress

For a girl that considered herself something of a minimalist with a casual style , something strange appears to have happened. Looking back at recent posts I am seeing lots of ruffles , embroidery and print and I have to say I kinda like it. There is something about a whimsical dress on a hot Summer day by the sea and I prefer these sort of dresses more for the daytime.
One of my favourite dresses at the moment is this gorgeous Off the shoulder striped dress  from Zaful. The print is beautiful and the extra billowy sleeves give it a dramatic effect that is really beautiful. Also, it is a perfect transitional dress as it gives you a bit more coverage. I'm wearing in a casual way but of course add a pair of heels and it is a stunning outfit for a more formal occasion or even an evening out or a romantic date. I wore it on my date with the Skoufdog and as you can see we are perfectly matching!

 The thing I love is that it has an almost old film star appeal, the sort of thing an Italian starlet might have worn back in the day.

Zaful     striped dress           here

The dress is actually under $20 dollars at the moment so it is a great investment in a very versatle item.I got a size medium and it fits great as I wanted it quite voluminous, but you could probably size down if you wanted it a bit more fitted.

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