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Top five occasion dresses for pregnancy

Dressing for occasion can be a lot of fun. It is great to get dressed up and feel a little more special than usual. However , for all the ladies in the same situation as me the spring Summer season is fraught with obstacles when it comes to looking put together when pregnant. There are certain criteria the outfit must fulfil:

- It needs to be comfortable. We have enough to deal with , fatigue, aches and pains and more intense sense of heat, so over fussy , uncomfortable outfits just won't do.

- It needs to stylish. Just because we are hiding a  little human in there, it doesn't mean we want to look like tents with heads attached.

-It needs to be special, extra special in fact. Pregnancy is a unique and beautiful experience and you want to draw attention to you and how special you are . You want people to see your lovely curves , beautiful complexion and extra thick hair and you want a dress that will achieve it and compliment your blossoming beauty.

So below are some of my top pics which I feel tick all the boxes and won't break the bank, because these are not dresses that you will get a lot of wear out of, unless you plan on getting pregnant frequently!

Asos 3D Embelished Maternity Dress here 

Asos Design Materinty Embroidered Wrap Midi dress here

Asos Design Maxi Embroidered Materity Dress here

Chi Chi London Maternity Dress here

Glamorous Bloom Tea dress here

So all you need to worry about now is having fun!