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STRIPE DUNGAREE SHORTS...pregnancy update!

A quick update from me. I am currently STRUGGLING to find cute outfits that will flatter my growing bump. I am nearing the end of my second semester and I can't say that I have a particularly big bump, but you know it's there obliterating the waistline and making getting dresses a work of art. Dresses are obviously great options but i am not really a fan of maternity wear and will try to get away with wearing normal clothes as much as possible. trying to figure out what size I might be in maternity wear is yet another mind boggling feat. I mean....clearly you are going to get bigger as the pregnancy progresses so how can you be the same size throughout...baffling!

 And while I can get my bum and thighs into things , the bussoms are a different story altogether. I pulled out all my floaty Summer dresses that I had stored for winter , feeling confident that they would look lovely over my blooming baby bump only to find that I could not fit my breast in...what is that all about???

Anyway on that note I have found that short dungarees are the best way forward at the moment, plus I love them anyway regardless of the pregnancy situation, but I do think they look extra adorable on pregnant girlies. Plus you don't have top worry about the growing tummy as they are adjustable . I came across a gorgeous pair from Pull and Bear very similar to a dungaree style dress  I already own but unfortunately tends to ride up a bit at the front now.

 They are in very summery strip pattern and are just the right length to make them both practical and youthful. I teamed them with a vest top in these pics but I will be wearing them white t-shirts and even a lacy crop top! I sized up and they fit great. so if you are not pregnant your normal size should be fine and the straps are adjustable.

Dungarees:Pull and Bear here similar here and here
Cap:Top Shop here
Shoes Slidders :Primark Last Season Similar here , here and here