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The Kimono Duster

Today I am sharing with you a look that is quite different for me. I have seen the kimono trend on lots of people but I did think that is was something that I couldn't pull off and besides I wasn't actually sure I even liked it. But after investing in a lace version to wear in the Summer I decided to try the silky dressing gown type (that's what I call them anyway!) .I thought that if it doesn't work out I can wear it in the house. However, when the ZAFUL kimono  actually arrived I really liked it and even more surprisingly it I felt good wearing it. It is still quite warm here but the light coverage and beautiful print felt so right for the season. Also, I cannot deny I felt extremely glamorous and I can't wait to wear it again. Now I have got my head round it I am after a velvet version so I will keep you posted!

Zaful Kimono here
Jeans Zara (old)
Shoes Marks &Spencer ( old)
Top Sisley (old )

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