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Pleats and Ribbons

The weather is definitely warranting a bit of a wardrobe over hall this week , although living in Greece means that full on winter clothing is along way off. However, bright Summer prints and too much floatiness seems inappropriate and I find myself looking for a bit of structure that is not too rigid. This pretty blue blouse or top/shirt ( not quite sure what you would class is as! ) from Zaful is perfect in the sense that the it nods to a shirt with the pale blue stripes and navy and white pinstripe but is it is still playful and extremely feminine. I really love the love arm holes and the ribbons on the side as they really add an element of surprise to this item. It is quite short , so unless you want to be stomach flashing I would say that high waisted is the way to go. Also because it flairs out above the waist , it really creates the illusion of a tiny waist and shapely hips. If you are blessed in the breast department, definitely size up as overall the sizing is not very generous . The fabric is lovely and cool and I imagine it will look amazing with layers come colder days.

   Blue Blouse   here     Zaful 
Trousers :French Connection old
Shoes Top Shop old 
Bag Zara last season 
Shades  Zaful  here

I have a feeling I will be getting a lot of wear out of this in the coming weeks and the best part it is under $20!

How will you be transitioning your wardrobe? I would love to hear your ideas!