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The Green Bikini

We are now in the heart of Summer and a green bikini is actually the perfect way to set of your tan.
You can go for a tropical vibrant print or a minimalist khaki, olive version which in my opinion is always very flattering and looks sophisticated in the same way black and white does.

Zaful  Green Bikini    buy here

I love the print on this green bikini as it is vibrant but in a toned down way and I especially like the cut of the top . After all the lacing, cut outs , straps etc, it is nice to have a simple silhouette and this particular one is comfortable but quite supportive.

Zaful  green bikini     buy here 

This set is the perfect bikini for a minimalist look that also is super sexy and will stand out it in it's own unique way.The cheeky bottoms make this green bikini anything but boring!!

Another item I have been looking lately which I feel my wardrobe is lacking in is a black crop top. I have lots of white lacy and embroidered ones but I wanted one in black as well and I am happy to say I have hit on the perfect top for Summer evenings!!

Zaful   black crop top     buy here 

What can I say, I think I will get so much wear out of it and I adore the flared bottom that is very pretty and will look great with just about everything.

If you liked any of the above items check out the Zaful site for many more options that will surely cover all your wardrobe needs!

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