Roksanda Ilincic


She is the brit queen of the dress loved by celebs and even royalty...but is the new collection a decide!...

Ok not really liking anything I missing something??seriously unflattering  I think!!!
 The two dresses are beautiful and really flattering.The skirt in the middle is pretty and I love the fabric and lenght but am not sold on the fur trim...sorry!!
 Bad colour coordination....hurts my eyes!!!
 This is stunning...although I hope it isn't real brings out the P.I.M.P in seriously love it!!
  Sophisticated...lovely additions to any woman's wardrobe...and I am a  fan of the rich colours....class!!
 NOOOO!!!Red and middle white dress are just plain ugly...the last one is ok but boring!!!

Overall...a bit dissapointed...your verdict please???

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