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To Fur or Not to Fur

I have always been aginst fur.I remember working in Flannels (a designer store in Nottingham) when I was a fashion student and trying on a gorgeous Prada parka.I was in love with it until the manager told me that the fur trim was actually rabbit.Why would you kill littleThumper and wear him??When I see women shrouded in some poor dead corpse it makes my stomach turn.There are so many beautiful fake furs that it seems pointless to use real animal fur.
My current dilema is that my mother-in-law recently proudly and very generously presented me with a fur jacket from the 70's.It is immaculate and very stylish and I have to admit that the real thing looks and feels better.So, much as I admire it ,I now have my own little corpse hanging in my closet. My friends tell me not to worry as the poor animal has been a long time dead.One pointed out that animals are bred for their fur which in my mind is even more reason not to wear it. If people don't buy it, animals won't have to be bred and slaughtered for their fur....so the question remains!
For the time being I am keeping it and cherishing it as a gift from someone I love.However,I don't think I will ever be able to bring myself to wear it ...even though it would look great with my leather skinnies!!xoxo

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